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Rusko - Priest - Holy

Post  Rusko on Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:24 pm

-Why you are leaving your current raid/guild/server/team.
I'd like to have a raid group that is smart enough to know what they're doing. My guild is fine for friends, but when it comes to raiding we struggle at keeping 10 people together for more than a couple of hours.

-Why you want to join our Team.
I'd like to join your team because I used to party with Grandwidow and Pançakes when my name was Xÿtrås. I'd also like to see all the neat things Blizzard has in store for raiders in Ulduar past Kologarn.

-Gear/Spec explanation-
I'm a holy priest wearing as much Valorous Tier7 as I can get my hands on. I've been holy for only a short time, my previous spec being a Disc Healer. I've had a couple of lucky PuGs where I've gotten as far as Hodir, but I've only *really* been past Auriaya once. I'd like her to be not such a big deal...

-Raid Experience and Guild History-
I've been healing and raiding primarily with my current guild: Three Yape. I know Naxxramas, the Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity, and Ulduar up to Kologarn (Skipping Razorscale and Ignus...) by heart now. Other than that I've only been in one other guild; Syndicate of Darkness.

-Arena Rating-
As sad as it sounds, I have little to no experience in arenas. I've been planning to do arenas with a real-life friend of mine, but circumstances keep arising on his end. I'd like to be in a 5v5 team eventually as a healer.

-Computer/ISP Specifications-

Qwest has been pretty reliable for me where I live, but I can't say as much about the local power supplier. The only reason I wouldn't show up for a raid is if we had a blackout, and I'd try to let you know my situation asap via the internet.

Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong forum, I didn't see any other applications and for all I know I'm the first to apply.


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RE: Rusko - Priest - Holy

Post  Reppuken on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:44 am

Hi Rusko,

Thanks for applying. I've looked over your application, and I have a few points regarding it I'd like to bring up. First, your holy spec does not involve Guardian Spirit. This cooldown is used for a lot of healing intensive fights, and is a staple for certain hard modes like Mimiron. Second, some of your enchants have certain undesirable features. I refer to your lack of glove enchant, and your PvP Helm and Shoulder enchants. I would like to recommend using the Kirin Tor exalted reputation of yours to purchase the Arcanum of Burning Mysteries for your helm, and raising your Sons of Hodir reputation to Honored or Exalted to pick up a PvE shoulder enchant. Inscription is fine, too, which leads me to my final area of concern.

Your professions are very low for a level eighty character who has been around so long. Professions can often times mean the difference between dropping a tank or continuing on to defeat the encounter. You have partially leveled herbalism and have no secondary profession. Commonly, Jewelcrafting and Tailoring are hot spots for most cloth based professions, but if you were to raise and max two useful professions of any sort that would be wonderful and look great on your application.

You can find a plethora of useful information regarding these points on the Elitist Jerks forum, or more specifically in the Holy Priest raiding compendium linked here:

This is not a rejection, but please talk to me in-game or answer in this thread with your input about these points. You can reach me in-game as either Reppuken or Grandwidow.



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