Keyn - Warlock - Destruction

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Keyn - Warlock - Destruction

Post  Keynn on Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:27 pm

I was in Hubris then I quit playing for a wile due to lack of funds for the game and now I'm back and everyone that i raided with in Hubris is now in Pandemic.

Because all of my friends i raided with in hubris are in this guild.

I am currently playing destruction and i am really enjoying being able to do massive damage. I know how to play my class well i average around 3500 dps and i am looking forward to improve that number. i am also open to any suggestions to help me improve my dps.

I have done mostly 10 man raids, a few 25 man raids but not much. i have done all of naxx 10 man and i have done a good portion of naxx 25 man, i have done up to the council in 10 man uldu, i have done Maly 10 man once and 25 man once but we didnt kill him.

I have done arenas in the past i am currently on a team that has not played in a wile due to my lack of getting money to play this game. I have not done a lot of arena though. I do alot of BGs though when i am bored i know WSG and AB very well I have done alot of AV but not as much as WSG and AB, I play Eye of the Storm a bit. i have not really had a chance to play Strand of the Ancients much yet though


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Re: Keyn - Warlock - Destruction

Post  Pandaxx on Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:52 am

Good kid, little undergeared but a good candidate for Pandax's Naxx 25 on sunday to gear out.

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