App to joining Pandemic

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App to joining Pandemic

Post  Sennisar on Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:54 pm

My main character on World of Warcraft is Hyndel. He is a Death Knight his talent focus is Unholy, with a few in Blood.

My armory link is:

I am currently in Clan Blackhoof. My reason for leaving is that they changed the way that they raid and they do not work much as a guild anymore. They took a break from raiding and they cant seem to get back into raiding. Also they are falling apart very slowly.

I am interseted in joining Pandemic, because most peolpe in the guild that i have incountered have been very friendly. Also Pandemic is into raiding, and i love raiding.

For my spec and knowledge of my Death Knight. i have only been playing WoW for about 8 months. And i got my spec from a friend, because when i frist started a DK i was blood and noticed i wasnt doing to well in instances and raids. So I decided to talk to a friend and he got me spec'd in unholy and i have been unholy since. And i have spent 3-4 weeks here lately to see if crit or str is better for unholy.

I have been raiding since December of 2008 after christmas, I normally had a hunter, until Writh of Lich King was released and i made my DK. I do as I am told during raids, to learn more about the raids and how i can become a better player.

Arena Rating is something i do not have much of. I am in a 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. But i only do arenas and BGs when I am not raiding or doing dailies to make gold for repairs in raids.

Thank You for your time, and for reading my Application =]


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Re: App to joining Pandemic

Post  Sinfidel on Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:15 pm

Just as a cursory glance from my phone, you're miles from hit cap and have zero rep for shoulder enchants with herb and mining as professions. This is all bad. Address these and post back here and we can then talk.


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