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Welcome to Raiding Pandemic

We are a raid group focused on the habit of excellence. Whether it is Naxx10, Arenas, up to Ulduar25, we strive to be the best.

Raids are from six to ten server. You are expected online, raid ready, and at the instance ready for invite at five forty-five. DBM, ORA2, OMEN, and Ventrilo are necessary for raiding.

Raid ready means-
Having read and seen videos of all fights planned for the night's raid.
Have all consumables necessary for four hours of raiding.
Fully repaired, with gold to pay for a night's repairs.
All your drinks, food, and bio handled like you were planning to take a trip. (Breaks will be kept to a minimum to maximize raid effectiveness.)

The Application:

In the header:
Character Name - Class - Talent Focus [Example: Sinfidel - Paladin - Retribution]

In the body:
-Armory Link referencing your raid spec/gear

-Why you are leaving your current raid/guild/server/team.

-Why you want to join our Team.

-Gear/Spec explanation- Knowledge of your class is immensely important.

-Raid Experience and Guild History- MC was great, but tell us about something you had to be good at to do.

-Arena Rating- No team/effort to participate in arenas will effect your application negatively.

-Computer/ISP Specifications- (Test and link this in your application)


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